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Welcome to JJGlass Profesional

We've been serving businesses for 30 years. Thousands of profesional customers, millions of pieces sold.

We make your job easier and better.


  • Largest Selection In Bangkok
  • Wholesale Prices with No Minimum Order
  • Large retail enviroment so you can come feel glass
  • over 20 staff on hand to handle your needs quickly

How to get a quote

Call our wholesale office at 02-899-2491-3

Email your required specs to info@jjglass.com

Visit us in person at any of our locations

We return all quotes same day

We run your specs through our warehouse database and give you the best price possible

Why you should work with JJGlass

We are the largest purchaser of factory overuns in Thailand. We have three showrooms and two warhouses full of glass. We sell huge amounts of glass every year through out retail and wholesale opperation. Running our business like this gives you some unique benifits of working with us. First, we replenish our inventory constantly, giving you an everchanging huge selection of glass to choose from. Second, our prices match those at the factory, but here at JJGlass we have no minimum order (although we do offer bulk discounts 'contact us' today). Third while we have an office staff and a large online cattalouge to take care of your business needs, you also have the ability to come down to the stores to really feel out the pieces you want- a different experience than ordering through our cataloge


What makes JJ Glass Unique

We're unique becasue there is no glass opperation in all of Thailand that opperated like us. Glass Manufactures in Thailand have smaller selections and large minimum orders. Glass retailers tend to be smaller with higher prices, however, we are the largest glass retailer in Thailand and we break those rules. If you buy glass in Thailand, it's time that you get to know JJGlass. Check out some of our selection


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